Light, Colour and Appearance




Take a digital photograph that contains 3 different light sources (Tungsten/Incandescent, Daylight, Flash or Florescent). Then through the raw conversion make three versions of that picture that are each balanced to one of the light sources.


Your photograph must be taken off campus somewhere in the ‘real world’. You will need to analyse your surroundings looking for different light sources and noticing situations where there are multiple different light sources present. When you take the picture make sure you shoot with a digital camera using RAW. You only need to take one photograph. You will then take this one photograph and through the raw conversion in Lightroom you will make 3 separate copies of the same original image. In each copy you will need to change the colour balance to match one of the 3 different light sources.


It may take you a while to find a suitable situation where there are multiple light sources present. Start looking out for potential situations now and as soon as you find one take the picture and see if it works. You will have a few weeks to complete this task (it is due in the week after reading week), but it is important to start thinking about it straight away and trying it out. From experience it usually takes a couple of attempts to get this task right. You are encouraged to bring in your attempts or post them on the blog as you are going. Sharing your process and results as you go will help you and your peers to understand and complete this task.




(Printed copies in class and uploaded to the blog)